A software package for the analysis of Time Series and Earth Tides One of the Top-50 most cited articles published in Computers & Geosciences 2005-2010

TSoft, created by Paul Vauterin, is a software package for the analysis of time series and Earth Tide series, developed at the Royal Observatory of Belgium.

Tsoft can also be used as a nice and attractive educational tool, e.g. for signal processing (Calculation of spectra, aliasing, filtering, transfer function, ...)

A Python Package for Monitoring Seismic Velocity Changes using Ambient Seismic Noise

MSNoise is the first complete software package for computing and monitoring relative velocity variations using ambient seismic noise. MSNoise is a fully-integrated solution that automatically scans data archives and determines which jobs need to be done whenever the scheduled task is executed.

MSNoise is developed by Thomas Lecocq (Royal Observatory of Belgium, ROB) and Corentin Caudron (previously at ROB and EOSingapore, now at University of Cambridge).