Recent earthquakes


ML Region Type Belgian time UTC time
1.0 FRANCORCHAMPS (BE) Earthquake
1.6 STOLBERG (DE) Earthquake
1.3 VOERENDAAL (NL) Earthquake
1.4 OCHTENDUNG (DE) Earthquake
0.9 CONTERN (LU) Earthquake
1.1 NOERVENICH (DE) Earthquake
2.1 OCHTENDUNG (DE) Earthquake
1.1 ERFTSTADT (DE) Earthquake
0.4 AACHEN (DE) Earthquake
1.3 BRUEHL (DE) Earthquake
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Induced events

ML Region Type Belgian time UTC time
0.2 MOL (BE) Known induced event
0.4 DESSEL (BE) Known induced event
0.6 DESSEL (BE) Known induced event
-0.1 MOL (BE) Known induced event
0.0 DESSEL (BE) Known induced event
0.3 DESSEL (BE) Known induced event
0.5 DESSEL (BE) Known induced event
0.9 DESSEL (BE) Known induced event
2.1 HERSCHEID (DE) Suspected induced event
2.0 HAGEN (DE) Suspected induced event
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Other events

ML Region Type Belgian time UTC time
1.9 TOURNAI (BE) Quarry blast
3.1 DIEPPE (FR) Controlled explosion
1.1 MARCHE-EN-FAMENNE (BE) Quarry blast
1.3 GERMANY (8 KM GREVENMACHER) Quarry blast
1.4 DURBUY (BE) Quarry blast
1.1 WANZE (BE) Quarry blast
1.1 COMBLAIN-AU-PONT (BE) Quarry blast
1.8 TOURNAI (BE) Quarry blast
1.7 TOURNAI (BE) Quarry blast
1.0 SPRIMONT (BE) Quarry blast
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